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The Mediterranean style is quite famous in the interior design world. In fact, many property owners fall in love with this decorating style because it takes us to the coast and sets a very relaxing ambience. Often, it is chosen for the freshness and elegance it brings to any space.

Eager to learn more about the Mediterranean style? Then, you’ve reached the right article. Today, we will tell you about the essential features of this décor and give you ideas you can incorporate in your home if you are going for the Mediterranean vibe. Read on!

What Is Mediterranean Decoration?

Inspired by the coastal lifestyle, the Mediterranean décor is characterized by adding a fresh mood and style to any environment. Its aesthetic reminds us of the Spanish, Greek and Italian coasts, summer vacations, and village life thanks to its simplicity.

Similar to the Mediterranean interior design, we find the Ibiza style, which is mainly inspired by the architecture and culture of Ibiza. Although these two styles have similarities, the Mediterranean style decoration is brighter due to the presence of white and always incorporates blue details that recall the sea.

Natural materials, blue and white color palette, organic shapes, handcrafted textures, and minimalism are the main keys to understanding what Mediterranean decoration is. If you have fallen in love with these styles, we leave you here with our ideas, and tips so you can bring the Mediterranean vibe to your interior.

Mediterranean Decoration in White, Blue, and Beige

White, Blue and Beige


What is the main characteristic of Mediterranean decoration? Without a doubt, it is its color palette with white, earth tones and blue as we’ve already mentioned.

White brings freshness and is reminiscent of the old buildings on the Mediterranean coast. Earth tones are related to nature and the materials used in the Mediterranean style. And finally, blue is the color that reminds us of the sea, so important in this style.

Within the Mediterranean interior decoration we usually find the walls and the larger furniture in white. Then the smaller pieces of furniture and different accessories in earth tones of natural materials are incorporated. And finally, blue is present through textiles, paintings, or decoration elements.

In modern Mediterranean decoration, pure white is usually used with different shades of blue, almost without the presence of earth colors. This is a more minimalist proposal, which is perfect for decorating small spaces and making them feel more spacious, fresh, and current.

Incorporate Raw and Untreated Wood

Like other decoration styles, the Mediterranean style is closely related to nature and the outdoors. Therefore, it uses almost exclusively natural materials in the pieces of furniture and decorative accessories.

And these natural materials are also part of the color palette of Mediterranean decoration, as we saw previously. The different shades of beige and brown contrast softly with the white of the walls and the cold blue.

One of the essential materials in Mediterranean-style decoration at home is untreated wood to let its natural texture, veins and irregularities add visual interest to the space. Other natural materials widely used in this style are natural fibers and stone, which we will talk about later.

In Mediterranean interior decoration, it is also common to find wooden logs, which are used as side tables or stools. These pieces integrate nature into your spaces and also add a very interesting texture.

Natural Fibers

As we mentioned before, natural materials of all kinds cannot be missing in a Mediterranean décor. We can find these fibers in furniture, decoration accessories, lamps and textiles, which add color and a very interesting texture. Among the most used natural fibers in Mediterranean-style decoration, we can mention:

  • Wicker – mainly used in baskets but also for seats and lamps
  • Jute – can be used for rugs and decorative accessories
  • Rattan – very trendy this year, which you can find in furniture and accessories
  • Bamboo – a very ecological material that is increasingly chosen for furniture in its braided form

There you go! With those tips, you should be armed to create the ultimate Mediterranean style for your indoors. What other décor styles do you like? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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