8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Furniture

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Did you know that buying furniture is even more stressful than choosing fresh fruits and veggies from the supermarket shelf?

The stress amplifies when you make mistakes that create a dent in your pocket.

Here are some common mistakes that you should try to stay away from.

#1. Falling For Fads

Falling For Fads

That deluxe glass dining table might look sleek and modern on Pinterest while the Clemencia Natural Tone Sofa might be shining in the store and awaiting its future owner.

But, ask yourself, “Will you have enough space for that sofa?” or “Will that little dining table be enough for your large family?”

Novelty items, bold designs and unconventional style might be making the front page but five years down the line, can you imagine being happy with them?

I’d say it’s a trend nowadays to style your house with current fads. But, you cannot let yourself be overpowered with arrangements and designs schemes of design magazines, catalogs and the internet.

I mean, think about it, how can you judge and invest in something just by looking at its picture or seeing it in a showroom. Items that look stunningly gorgeous might prove disastrous when you incorporate them into your house décor.

#2. Ignoring Lifestyle

Ignoring Lifestyle

Suppose your family consists mainly of small children and pets. Now, imagine everyone gathered on a Sunday to watch football while snacking. If you bought a white linen sofa or a small glossy coffee table, I’d say you are heading straight-on for disaster.

So, before going for that delicate piece of furniture, think about your family size and your lifestyle.

#3. It Doesn’t Fit

It Doesn’t Fit

Yippee! Your deep and squishy three-piece suite is coming home today.

But, what if it does not even fit through the door?

This is why I always adopt this mantra: measure, measure and then measure once again. And, I’m not only talking about getting your furniture fit in the designated space. How can you get through that narrow hallway on your way to the living room? What about that left-angle corner?

What’s worst is when you live in a flat or you need to get your furniture above the ground floor.

#4. Ignoring Scale and Space

Ignoring Scale and Space

Still being on the subject of measurements, you might also consider the space you need around your furniture.

No matter how much you might drool over that fabulous fluting sofa, you cannot go pushing armchairs and tables against the walls just to squeeze it in. And, it’s not just about space.

When you bring in a large item in a small or narrow space, you have no idea how overwhelming it can be for the eyes.

#5. Not Doing Enough Research When Buying Furniture

Not Doing Enough Research

All manufacturers would sell high-quality furniture.

Please don’t tell me you are that naive.

Don’t just assume things.

I suggest you instead read the product reviews before investing in them. And, who knows, you might obtain unexpected and additional information?

#6. Ignoring Color

Ignoring Color

Behind every aesthetically beautiful house, there is lots of money.

But, if you incorporate a furniture of a random color in a beautiful setting, that paradoxical situation would just contrast with the aesthetics of your home.

As much as you can, try to match your furniture with the paint of your house.

#7. Choosing Beauty Over Comfort

Beauty Over Comfort

I will never stop emphasizing how important it is to choose comfort over beauty. You might jump at the stunning piece of furniture which looks like right out of a home catalogue, but imprint this in your mind: you will be using this furniture on a day-to-day basis and living with it for years to come. So, make sure you are choosing a comfortable one that will serve its purpose.

#8. Sacrificing Quality for the Price

Quality for the Price

Remember this till your grave: Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Although I highly recommend staying within the limit of your budget, I never ask you to sacrifice quality for the price.

In the comment section below, tell us how was your first time buying furniture!

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