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The prices are not revealed on their website and are reviewed yearly based on the church’s fiscal budget. QuickBooks has leaned down its church-specific software to cater to small churches, growing congregations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Aplos also has a non-profit software that caters to non-profit organizations, helping in fundraising, donor management, and non-profit account management, amongst other features. There are still others with fantastic features and uses, although they all share the same purpose as church management solutions.

  • Translated in 50+ languages, the ease of accounting makes Akaunting the favorite of small businesses worldwide.
  • QuickBooks for Church offers the ability to tag donor dollars for a committee, program or worship fund.
  • One of the standout features of Church Pro is its robust balance sheet functionality.
  • Instantly create and customize key statements for official reporting, such as your Financial Position, Income, or Functional Expenses statements.
  • It is an organizer in a complete package that can manage contributions, events, accounting, memberships etc.

The price will increase in proportion to the features included such as payroll processing or tax reporting capabilities. For example, some full-featured packages may be priced upwards of several thousand dollars annually. Additionally, many church accounting solutions offer discounts for non-profit organizations and discounts for signing up for longer terms such as multi-year contracts or quarterly plans. As such, it is important to compare different software packages carefully before settling on one that fits your budget and needs best. Flockbase is a popular small church accounting software solution (also good for medium-sized churches) that offers a user-friendly and affordable option for church accounting. The Flockbase Accounting offering provides effective and simple management of churches’ income and expenses, alongside bank reconciliations, payroll processing and check writing all with the running of a church in mind.

Automatic data extraction from single documents or multiple files in batches, means that data can be extracted in an analysis-ready format in minutes. The ability to customize parts of the forms needed to be used for extraction gives you fill control of how the data is extracted making data management as simple and effective process. Maintain a general ledger account, keep the church’s books balanced and easily track donations. Create custom tags to tie donations to specific funds and programs for better organization and easier reference later on.

Realm can handle basically anything your church needs, from giving, to events, to accounting, and more. PowerChurch Plus is available for a one-time purchase of $395 if you download the software, or $415 if you order a physical disk for installation. Upgrades are an additional $159 for downloads or $179 for physical media.

Botkeeper – Best for AI-automated bookkeeping

It can also provide insight into the church’s liquidity, or its ability to meet its financial obligations. Church leaders and members can use this information to make informed decisions about budgeting, fundraising, and stewardship. AccountEdge Pro has a one-time fee of $499 for Windows users, while Mac users can avail themselves of the software for $15/account/month. Integrations include PayPal, Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, HubSpot CRM, and others. You can access hundreds of more connections using Zapier, though it requires a separate subscription (free and paid options).

Wave makes money through our optional, paid money management features include online payment processing, payroll software, and access to personalized bookkeeping services and coaching through Wave Advisors. IconCMO provides robust financial management capabilities, including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and revenue recognition. Users appreciate the software’s ability to track income, expenses, and donations and generate financial statements. ACS Technologies is a provider of church management software that offers a range of solutions for church administration, including membership management, accounting, donation tracking, and communication tools. Features include invoicing, bank reconciliation, expense management, financial reporting, payroll, multi-currency, mobile app, time tracking, collaboration, chart of accounts, and third-party integrations/add-ons.

A range of accounting reports provide all the information needed to make good decisions about the churches finances. Flockbase prides itself on ease of use, with users needing no specific training to get to grips with its platform. Church accounting software is a specialized software solution designed to help religious organizations efficiently manage their financial operations. It provides features tailored to the unique needs of churches, such as tracking donations, managing budgets, generating financial reports, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations specific to religious institutions.


The cost of church accounting software varies depending on the type of service that is being purchased. There are a variety of different options available to churches, each with their own unique features and pricing structures. Generally speaking, stand-alone accounting software can range from around $200 to more than $1,000 while subscription-based services can start at approximately $50 per month.

church bookkeeping software

Additionally, it provides automated payment reminders, accepts donations made with credit cards, bank accounts, and Apple Pay, and has a mobile app for checking account deposits and money management. If you’re looking for church accounting software with payroll, Aplos Church Software does not include payroll services in their own software, but they do integrate with Gusto for seamless and stress-free payroll management. Botkeeper also offers a great customer support, which ensures that any issues or concerns are addressed quickly.

Best for Accounting Automation

Church employees and volunteers often find themselves making out-of-pocket purchases, like coffee runs and snacks for community meetings. Employees and volunteers can take photos of their receipts and upload them to the FreshBooks mobile app for quick and easy reimbursement. One of the best ways to get the answers to all these questions is to look for church accounting software reviews from real ministry leaders. Small and mid-sized ministries run very differently than mega-churches and non-profits. They need the right tools to track their finances that are powerful, but not overly complex for volunteers to understand.

QuickBooks Online helps keep your church finances organized in one place, no matter the size of your organization. Whether you’re tracking the expenses of your youth group or monitoring donations from your congregation, you can customize your QuickBooks church accounting software to work for you. Most accounting software considered amongst the best church accounting software programs are usually industry specific.

Church Pro is a capable church administration tool that provides a full range of features and functionality to help religious groups run their organizations effectively. You may manage the budget and general ledger, handle purchase requests, pay suppliers, receive payments, track fixed assets, pay workers, and reconcile bank accounts inside ShelbyNext Financials. IconCMO is suitable for mid-sized churches experiencing gradual growth, and it has features such as document storage, event registration, membership, check-in, print donor statement, and historical data among others.

QuickBooks Premier add-on: Breeze

Although a church is not run as a profit-making business, you still need to balance expenses with income from donations and other sources of revenue to keep the doors open. This accounting software is designed especially for churches and can be easily customized for your church size and the community services you provide. American congregations across the country receive around $74.5 billion per year collectively. The right church accounting software can make a world of difference when it comes to managing the finances of your organization. It can help you streamline processes, save time and money, and provide an overall better experience for everyone involved. Many service providers offer tiered pricing options based on the features a church needs.

With a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Capterra, Realm deserves an honorable mention on our list of best church accounting software solutions. Users rave about Realm being user friendly and having amazing customer service — both important features for any church accounting software. QuickBooks Premier Plus requires a $549.99 annual subscription, but nonprofit organizations can typically receive a discount if they purchase through TechSoup.

However, you can still find church accounting programs going for up to $350 on the high end of the spectrum. There are a few free accounting software options, too, like ZipBooks. Most church accounting software is cloud-based and available on a monthly subscription.

PowerChurch Plus is peculiar because of its strict functionality approach, which first elevates only the essential features for church needs. PowerChurch Plus is intended exclusively for churches and non-profit organizations. Whether a small church or a large one, running the church without financial help is nearly impossible. Churches collect offerings and donations and have other funding sources.

ACS Church Accounting Software (Best bookkeeping software for churches small in size)

Find more of what you need with these tools, resources, and solutions. Instantly create and customize key statements for official reporting, such as your Financial Position, Income, or Functional Expenses statements. Connect your Loan Note Payable borrow, accrued interest, and repay bank to QuickBooks to auto-sync transaction and see all your finances in one place. Our mission is to break apart what CRM is and means.Here we discuss anything that helps create more meaningful lasting work relationships.

However, despite the problems they solve no program not even the best church accounting software offers a flexible and complete solution for all your church accounting needs. ParishSOFT is a church accounting and management software that is designed to be used by dioceses and parishes. The church is incurred on the basis of modules, with a great offer enabling you to get free access to updates and support for the first year.

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