Top 5 Strategies to Cleaning Windowpanes

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Think that it’s a tedious chore to get streak-free windows? We’ve been there too and it’s true that it can sometimes be challenging. But after trying several different methods, we think we’ve finally found the secret to making this laborious task much simpler!

If, like us, you want to get sparkling clean glass surfaces, then keep reading! Our tips and tricks will help you get it right the first time!

1. Know When to Clean

It may sound counterproductive, but you definitely don’t want to clean your windows on a sunny day. Pick a dry, cloudy day instead. Why, you ask? Well, if it’s sunny, any cleaner that you apply to the window will dry before you even have time to wipe it off. And premature drying will leave streaks on your window, something you really don’t want! If the weather is cloudy though, you will have enough time to spray it on and wipe it off without leaving any streaks on the window. But if you don’t want to wait until the weather corporates, you can simply start on the shady side of the house and then work your way around.

2. Dust the Windows First

For really clean windows, you want to start by dusting them. Leaving the dirt on will only result in a muddy mess when you spray the cleaning solution on. You can use a brush or your vacuum to sweep dirt from the window frame. If the window screen looks especially grimy, on the other hand, it might be better to pop it out and wash it with hot, sudsy water and a soft brush. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and rinse it. Put it back in place once it’s dry.

3. Always Clean from Top to Bottom

Starting from the top means that the cleaner will drip into areas that you haven’t washed yet. If you do it the other way around though, the cleaning solution will drip on the surface that you’ve already cleaned. So, for a streak-free window, use gravity to your advantage: start at the top and work your way down. Not only will there be no streaks, but you also save on time and solution as the solution that’s dripping down will already start the cleaning for you.

4. Choose the Cleaning Solution Wisely

No matter how generously you spritz the cleaning solution, it won’t do much if you’ve picked a cheap one that just can’t do the job. You will need a cleaning solution that softens and suspends the dirt so that it is easier to wipe away. A good cleaner will stay on until you wipe it away and will not cause any additional mess that you’ll have to clean up. So, pick the right cleaner and don’t hold back on the spray.

But here’s a tip: you can make your own cleaner using only THREE ingredients! Vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water is all you’ll need. The ratio of these ingredients will be 1: 2: 8. For every part of rubbing alcohol, you will need two parts vinegar and 8 parts water. Meaning that for 1 cup of water, you will have to add 1/8 cup of alcohol and ¼ cup of vinegar.

5. Get the Right Tools

There are four things you want in your arsenal: reusable microfiber cloths, squeegee, cotton swabs and old t-shirts. Let’s look at each of these individually:

How Are Squeegee Helpful?

Have you ever left cleaning solution on certain areas of the glass while cleaning? If you have, then you know that re-wiping will most certainly leave streaks on the panes. Squeegees are amazing when it comes to wiping out the solution at one go. It is effortless and can also make cleaning tall windows easy! Once you are done, you can use the microfiber cloths to wipe out any residual dampness.

Why Buy Reusable Microfiber Cloths?

You must have heard of people using newspaper or paper towels. The problem with these is that they don’t hole up as well as microfiber cloths when it comes time to dry the windowpanes. Most of the time they will shred and leave lint behind. This means more work for you! Reusable microfiber cloths, on the other hand, are very absorbent, washable, will not leave streaks on the windows and will definitely not scratch the glass.

How to Use Cotton Swabs?

Cotton swabs are perfect for those hard to reach places. Whenever there is residue in the corner of a window, you can use the cotton swabs. Their size makes them great tools for removing build up in the corners of the glass.

Why Do I Need an Old T-Shirt If I Already Purchased Microfiber Cloths?

Well, this is just your backup plan. Having an old t-shirt on hand is helpful if you run out of microfiber cloths. They are just as good at absorbing water and cleaning solution, they cost almost nothing and are better for the environment.

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