Tips for Converting a Room Into a Dressing Room

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 – Presentation of the dressing room

 – How to convert a room into a dressing room

 – Separating a room with a dressing room

 – Prices for the design of a dressing room


It is a fact, that you have taken possession of your new living space. But what are you going to do with this little room between your bedroom and your bathroom? What if you decided to turn it into a dressing room?

 In the same idea, you can separate a large room in two by a dressing room and thus create two rooms.

 Are you not a handyman? Don’t panic…

 Presentation of the dressing room

 The dressing room is a separate room dedicated to storing your clothes, shoes, accessories, linen, etc.

 This room is generally spacious enough to allow you to change inside. In general, we recommend a space of 4 m2minimum.

 It is possible to create a dressing room in a small existing space or create it inside another room (usually a bedroom).

 It is also possible to create a dressing room under a slope, in a corner, in an L shape, U shape, etc.

 Converting a room into a dressing room


 A room cannot be converted into a dressing room in just any way. First of all, you have to decide what you are going to store in it:

 – Prefer to store seasonal clothes, such as ski suits or boxes with multiple objects, up high.

 – Everyday clothes should remain within easy reach.

Here’s how to turn a room into a dressing room at a lower cost:

Dressing Room

 – First, install shelves on the walls to the right and left of the room’s front door.

 – Don’t bother choosing fine wood (unless your budget allows it) but choose wooden boards that you will have taken care to sand and paint in the colour of your choice. Fix them to the walls with brackets.

 – The number of brackets will depend on the length of the board: count one bracket every 40 cm so that the board does not bend under the weight of the clothes.

 – You can also install racks that will support the clothes on hangers. Provide:

 ◦ a minimum height of 1 m for shirts and jackets;

 ◦ 1.20 m for pants;

 ◦ 1.60 m for dresses and coats;

 ◦ finally, count the width of 3 cm per hanger to know the length of your rod.

 – Also, choose white wooden boxes to paint, which will match the colour of the walls and shelves.

 – Play the mirrors in this dressing room that will allow:

 ◦ obviously to check your outfit;

 ◦ to reflect the light and thus give an impression of space.

 Tip: Opt for a white light so as not to transform the colour of the clothes.

 If your budget allows, you can call on an architect or decorator to design your dressing room.

 Separate a room with a dressing room

 If you’re a handyman, then don’t worry, you can use cinder blocks to build three walls (one at the back and one on each side) to separate the room into two:

 – These three walls are mounted from floor to ceiling; think of installing the electricity that will allow an essential luminosity in your dressing room. Several electrical solutions exist, and you can easily find them in any DIY store.

 – Then, place the elements on the floor and ceiling that will allow the doors of your future dressing room to slide. Once these elements are in place, it’s up to you to design your dressing room.

 First, choose what you will store in it, knowing that storage space is limited since it is just a room divider.

 – Prefer to install shelves on one wall, a closet under the lowest shelf and put shelves on the opposite wall so that you can put pairs of shoes and folded linen.

 – Also, install mirrors that will enlarge the room and allow you to mirror yourself.

 Prices for the design of a dressing room

 The price of a dressing room will vary depending on the materials used. All prices are different from sliding doors to storage boxes and shelves and depend on the style you want to give to your dressing room.

 However, even on a tight budget, it is possible to turn a room into a dressing room.

 You can expect to pay around $300 to convert a room into a dressing room, but the budget can, of course, change, especially if you opt for a custom-made wardrobe. In this case, count between $3 000 and $20 000!

 Good to know: a chipboard board costs about $15 in 185 cm length and 3 cm thickness.

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