The Roof Dome: An Optimal Source of Light

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The luminosity and the lighting significantly influence the rendering of the interior decoration. A bright interior can be considered a warm, welcoming, pleasant, zen interior. There are several ways to optimize the lighting and the luminosity inside a room and/or the whole house. The roof dome is one of them.

Characteristics of the Roof Dome

  • The roof dome is a skylight whose cover is usually slightly curved. However, there are also flat roof domes and pyramidal models.
  • The roof dome with an opening frame not only improves ventilation inside the house but can also be used for smoke exhaust.
  • The opening roof dome also allows for easier access to the roof. Therefore, one does not need to use a ladder to inspect, clean, and maintain the roof. The opening system can be either mechanical or electronic. There are also closed roof domes.
  • The frame of a roof dome can come in different geometric shapes, the most common of which are rectangular, square, and round frames.
  • As for the materials used to make a roof dome, there is a choice between glass, acrylate, and polycarbonate for the hood. As for the frame, heel, and skirt, they are often made of metal or PVC.
  • The roof dome can be suitable for different roof designs including flat roofs and flat roofs. You can also choose from several colors. Opal models are also available.

Benefits of a Roof Dome

  • The roof dome optimizes the light inside the house thanks to its glass or plexiglass cover that allows natural light to enter. In other words, a roof dome can be installed to fill the absence or lack of windows in a room, in the hallway, at the level of the stairs (if they are inside of course).
  • The roof dome can enhance the interior of the house. Indeed, a bright interior is often associated with a pleasant, spacious interior.
  • Since the roof dome is a source of optimal light, there is no need to install numerous street lamps, which can be very cumbersome.
  • The roof dome can improve the house’s aesthetics, especially on the roof; it is among the pieces to adopt to beautify the roof.
  • In summary, the roof dome is an excellent alternative to roof openings.

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Maintenance of a Roof Dome

Maintaining a roof dome is relatively simple. Since the dome is resistant, annual maintenance is enough to ensure its longevity.

Cleaning with warm water, a cloth and a mild cleaning product can be enough to maintain the cover. In addition, rainwater drains well thanks to its slightly domed or pyramid shape. For metal or PVC parts, there are specific products adapted to the cleaning of these materials.

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