Setting Up An Office Space To Work From Home

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Due to the pandemic, are you working from home? You are entitled to a functioning and pleasant work environment. When the virus has passed, are you working at home during the COVID-19 epidemic but intend to return to work at least part-time? Due to the epidemic, many individuals are unsure how long their remote work conditions will remain. These easy and low-cost ideas can help you improve your home office. 

They are thus unsure how much effort, work, and money they should invest in constructing a comfortable workstation at home. You can buy a variety of unique, funny, and practical items for your home office. However, before you become too immersed in it, try making a few basic and affordable changes to your current setup to enhance it.

Telecommuting is still a topical issue with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Having an office space at home becomes more and more important to work in the best conditions. Several questions arise: where to place the office? How to install it? How to personalize it? Is renovation work necessary? Zoom on the layout of office space to work better at home.

Choosing the right location for the office

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For the sake of comfort and productivity, the choice of office location is crucial to the success of the project. It is advisable to set up a whole other room dedicated to this purpose. The idea is to choose a place conducive to tranquility and concentration, far from any distraction (television, radio, noisy children…). If you don’t have a spare room, the bedroom or living room are excellent alternatives. If the area is quiet and safe, there is nothing to stop you from setting up on a balcony or terrace, taking along the minimum necessary.

The essential equipment to install in the office space

Once the location has been defined, you need to think about the furniture. The trick is not to overload the space. It is therefore advisable to choose only the essential equipment: the desk itself, the chair, the storage accessories, and the work tools (computer, documents, etc.). Note that the chair should be as comfortable as possible since you will be spending a lot of time in it.

Those with adjustable height, equipped with armrests are the most recommended. Specialized suppliers offer complete office furniture kits adapted to all tastes. It is also possible to have custom-made furniture made according to the space available. If you are on a tight budget, unused supplies in the cellar or attic can be easily converted into office furniture.

Renovation work to be done to properly furnish an office space

As already mentioned above, comfort and practicality are points not to be neglected in the workspace. With this in mind, some renovation work may be necessary.

Renovate the thermal and acoustic insulation


Depending on the season, cold or heat in the room can affect telecommuting productivity and efficiency. In this case, it is recommended to insulate the walls. The choice of good thermal and acoustic insulation is vast but depends mainly on the configuration and energy performance of the building. Installing a heating and air conditioning system is also a wise choice.

Renovate the electrical installation

Even when telecommuting, communication and coordination with colleagues are still mandatory. Hence the need for a computer and internet connection. The room must be equipped with electrical outlets and internet cables. However, you should know that only professional technicians are authorized to carry out electrical work to guarantee the installations’ safety and proper functioning.

Improve the lighting

Installing more light fixtures is a logical and practical option to illuminate the office space. However, it is possible to make a cut in a wall and install a window or replace a partition with a glass roof. These latter choices will prove more economical in the long run.

Personalize the office space



You can decorate the workspace as you wish. For example, it is possible to add a few succulents to the desk to create a zen and soothing space, decorate it with beautiful souvenir photos or place figurines of your favorite heroes. To optimize the daily organization, you can install a corkboard on a wall and hang small paper notes on the schedule, priority tasks, and goals to achieve.

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