7 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

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Aluminium fencing is a common option for many fence applications but what are the benefits? Here are some benefits that you can gauge on before installing an aluminium fence.


Aluminium fencing actually costs much less than traditional wrought iron. True wrought iron fencing must be fabricated in our shop with more expensive metal as compared to aluminium fences that are manufactured at a low cost.

No Rust

One of the main benefit of aluminium fencing is it does not rust. Unlike iron, aluminium fencing will not oxidize and rust over time. Aluminium is not a ferric metal and it’s estimated that it can lasts up to 10,000 years and then start disintegrating.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium fencing does not require any type of heaving maintenance. Unlike wooden fencing that needs constant painting to keep its glow, aluminium fencing does not require any painting at all. When manufacture, aluminium fencing receives multiple protective coats including a powder paint coating that will last without needing to be repainted. ‘


Aluminium fencing provides low maintenance containment and security while looking great. Adding a more modern and classic touch to properties, aluminium fencing blends well with almost all landscapes and is available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.


The main reason for installing a fence is to increase the security on your property. Rest assured that an aluminium fences will provide the best security against intruders. Unlike wooden fences which can easily be scaled and chain link fences that can easily be cut, aluminium fences with spear-topped pickets is a much harder fence to breach.


Almost all aluminium structures, including aluminium fencing, are rackable meaning that they can be adjusted to the slope of your land so that it fits perfectly and compliments the design of your home.  If your fence is not rackable, then it can and will leave unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence when going up to down a grade. This can be a way for intruders but also small animals to invade your property.


Last but certainly not least, almost all aluminium structures and fencing comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This is definitely some good reassurance for property owners as they will be able to turn to professionals in case they have any issues with their aluminium fencing.

Aluminium fencing is a great addition to your property and adds to its value and aesthetics.

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