What is a Modular Wooden House

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– Modular wooden house: a very fast construction

– Modular house: assembled modules

– An ecological and efficient house

– All possible layouts: inside and outside

– Turnkey delivery or self-build?

– Modular house: from $700 per m²

– Modular wooden house: an evolving house

Modular wooden house: a very fast construction

The wooden modular house is a modular construction that is usually built very quickly (about 10 weeks). Its modules are manufactured in a workshop sheltered from the weather before being delivered and assembled on-site: they are placed on concrete foundations and steel beams.

The modules of the house are usually:

– for the walls: pieces of wood called “planks” solid or glued together;

– for the base of the house: modules made of steel, wood or concrete.

Note: walls, floors and ceilings are filled with cellulose, rock wool or wood fibre insulation.

This modular wooden house construction can be delivered “turnkey” or self-construction, if you feel like a great handyman.

Modular house: assembled modules

Modular construction is achieved by assembling individual factory-made modules.

These individual modules are:

– transported by road;

– then placed on the foundations using hydraulic systems and set up in the field using cranes.

Note: the traditional houses are built directly on the site.

Generally, the modules include a complete structure: floors, walls and roof.

An ecological and efficient house

Modular construction meets the concepts of today’s life.

– Functional and aesthetic, it presents the characteristics of ecological buildings.

– These houses use energy-efficient materials, which makes them particularly economical to use.

– They have been awarded the very high energy performance label.

All possible layouts: interior and exterior

The modules can be customized to meet different needs.

Interior layout: joinery, plumbing, decoration, etc.

The modules are available in several sizes to create large living rooms: a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.

As the floor, walls and roof are included in the modules, all that remains is to carry out the layout work:

– joinery: windows, partitions, stairs, floor, etc.;

– plumbing and electrical connections;

– painting;

– floor coverings.

Equipment can also be added, for example a heat pump.

Exterior: cladding, terrace, roof equipment, etc.

For exterior cladding, all materials and colours are possible (metal, wood, etc.).

You can also opt for special fittings:

– terrace;

– solar panels;

– plant roofing;

– veranda, etc.

Turnkey delivery or self-construction?

Depending on your budget and the time you can devote to your house, there are two construction options:

– turnkey delivery: in this case, the construction of the modular house is carried out entirely by the company,

– self-construction: you decide to participate in the construction of the house, which will take more time!

Delivery times for a modular house are much faster than those of a traditional house: count about 3 months.

Modular house: starting at $700 per meter square

Modular houses are 20 to 30% cheaper than conventional buildings.

Prices vary considerably from one builder to another, but also according to:

– the living area;

– the materials used;

– and the technology chosen;

Overall, count between $700 and $2000 per square meter for this type of construction.

Modular Wooden House: an evolutionary home

The modular wooden house also adapts to all architectures and difficult terrain, it can be:

– contemporary (urban, wooden);

– traditional (chalet).

It offers many possibilities of arrangement and decoration:

– possibility of large open spaces;

– it is evolutionary and can be modified by creating an elevation or enlarged by adding an extension according to changing needs.

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