Tips for Creating an Inviting Modern Living Room

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When you think of a modern living room, you quickly think of a sparsely furnished room with a few seating elements, a sleek table, an artist-approved artwork, and nothing else. It’s luxurious and elegant, but it’s missing something. There’s no soul in it, it’s not cozy, there’s no ambiance. How do you make a modern living room inviting and welcoming? Here are some tips to help you!

1) Art in the Modern Living Room

In a modern living room, art is hung sparingly on the wall. It can be abstract or minimalist art, but a “classic” painting is also not bad. It is precisely this contrast between modern and classic that makes a room cheerful and cozy. Art on the floor also goes well. For instance, oriental rugs go perfectly with a modern interior.

2) Materials

Materials that are usually associated with modern are chrome, glass, and plastic. Here you can also play with contrast by choosing materials that are not directly associated with everyday living – how about wood, wool, bamboo, or cork? Or natural stone and marble? It never hurts to mix modern with organic materials.

3) Corner Sofa

You come home after a hard day at work, a comfortable sofa to relax after that tiring day is an absolute must! Besides, sitting there with your close ones is even more fun. However, be careful when you’re about to choose the corner sofa. Many can be nice and modern but, unfortunately, not comfortable.

4) Colors

With colors, you determine the mood of your living room. They are associated with emotions and also show your personality. If you have a slightly depressive streak, it’s better to choose cheerful colors. Orange is warmer than cold blue.

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5) Earth Tones or Fashion Colors?

Fashion colors are always complicated. What’s trendy one year doesn’t matter the next. There’s your chic sofa, bright green with lilac stripes trend gone! It’s better to choose less pronounced colors. Earth tones are soothing colors, especially for large surfaces (walls, floor, and ceiling), a calm color is wise.

6) Curtains

Have you ever thought about curtains covering a large area of your living room? Probably not. In modern interiors, it is advisable not to choose curtains that are too ornate. Because of the large surface, it quickly becomes restless unless you want to brighten up a modern interior with curtains, of course.

7) Lighting

Proper lighting can give the room a feeling of warmth, but too much or too little light can either make the room sterile or render the space small. With an appropriate set of spotlights, floor lamps, and pendant lights, you’ll soon have plenty of ambiance in your home. Plus, it’s always good to dim the light, and colored light also offers exciting possibilities – play with it!

8) Plants and Flowers

The organic shapes of plants and flowers help break away from the sleek forms that characterize a modern interior. Besides, they bring color, produce oxygen, and often purify the air. Without greenery, the house is just dead and bare.

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9) Wood-Burning Stove

What could be more fun than sitting around the stove and spending the day? Wood stoves are increasingly becoming design stoves. Not for nothing, they are also becoming more economical and environmentally friendly while allowing you to benefit from a pleasant radiant heat for a long time.

10) Fragrances

Many people don’t realize that, in addition to colors, smells also influence mood. It will not be easy to achieve that cozy, atmospheric feeling in a house with foul odors. The opposite is also true: a house that smells good immediately enhances the atmosphere. With moderate use of essential oils or aromatic herbs, it is possible to tickle the unconscious. Note: better little than too much!

Your home is where you’re going to spend the most time and rest. Choose something that suits your style, and everything will be fine!

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