Tiles: The Essential Covering!

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Among the many types of flooring,there’s tiling. Tiles can be installed on walls and/or floors. From a general point of view, tiles come in several versions, namely: ceramic, stone, glass paste, cement, or mosaic tiles. The second model can be made from granite, slate, limestone, travertine or marble. You can install these different types of flooring inside and outside your home in all circumstances. This type of work requires specific knowledge. That’s why it is recommended to use the services of a professional.

The Different Techniques of Tiling

Tile installation can be done in two ways: sealed or glued. The first installation technique consists of installing the tiles on a mortar screed. This support is usually composed of sand, cement, and water. Its thickness can reach up to 50mm. However, to avoid covering the plumbing and electrical systems, it is recommended that you install a 40mm thick screed. As for the glued installation, it consists in laying the tiles directly on the mortar. Compared to the first technique, the latter still requires some support preparation. The preparations to be undertaken depending on the type of your support.

What You Need To Know About Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are one of the main types of tiles. They can be installed both inside and outside the building. In addition, this type of flooring is suitable for any room style. You can get different kinds of color in all circumstances: classic, trendy, or color note. This choice is based on individual taste.

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