Mediterranean Style: A Home Embraced By the Sun

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If you love the sea, its colors, its scents and the emotions it brings, then the Mediterranean style is for you. Mediterranean style furniture combines nature, elegance and freshness and its key point is to furnish without weighing down, always looking for simplicity. If your dream is to breathe the smell of iodine in the house, imagine being in a villa or a farmhouse overlooking the sea and let’s discover together how to furnish your home in Mediterranean style!

Characteristics of the Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style represents beautiful countries, like Greece, Spain, Italy and the countries of North Africa. Sun-kissed lands, warm and vivid colors, the Mediterranean style comes from the maritime atmosphere of these wonderful countries and is influenced by the sun, the olive groves, the citrus plantations and the fragrant rosemary bushes that surround the low-rise villas or farms overlooking the sea.

It is a style that was born from the need of the Mediterranean populations to protect themselves from the heat, especially during the summer months, by insulating the low-rise housing constructions with stone and whitewash. A sober, elegant, refined and luminous style in which prevails that absolute sensation of lightness. An inspiration that provides relaxation and well-being for an extremely simple style in perfect harmony with nature.

Colors and Materials

Blue and white are the colors that represent the Mediterranean atmosphere par excellence. Two colors that inspire calm and serenity, helping to mark clear contrasts between them. A unique visual impact to have the sea in the house and to create with the different shades of blue, such as light blue, turquoise and ultramarine those shades of color that only the Mediterranean Sea is able to give us.

White will dominate the walls and the curtains in cotton and linen, to give a feeling of brightness and lightness to the rooms.

Even the warm color of sand and wood will be a neutral protagonist color that will combine perfectly with the other two, creating a natural and elegant chromatic harmony. The wood will be used for the floors and for the exposed beams as well as for the furnishings. Other materials used will be stone, wicker and colored ceramics of Amalfi Coast style.

Once you know the colors and materials to decorate the house in the Mediterranean style, our advice is not to weigh too much but to let the right breath to the colors and accessories. Start with a neutral base and play with different shades to match for a Mediterranean style cover.

Ideas for Every Room in the House

Let’s discover how to decorate every room in the house. Let our tips seduce you into an explosion of sea, scents and colors in your Mediterranean-style home!

Mediterranean Style Kitchen

The must have for a perfect Mediterranean style kitchen is hand painted ceramic tiles with colors that recall the charm of the sea, the sun and the heat of summer.

Majolica or ceramic tiles, azulejos or zelliges: choose the ones you like the most. Whether they are new or salvaged, charm and beauty are guaranteed.

In the kitchen, use your imagination with accessories: vases, jars, bottles and ceramics can only help you decorate and fill the room, a meeting place for lunches and dinners with family and friends.

Mediterranean Living Room

If in the kitchen the colors of the tiles will be the protagonists of the color in the house, in the living area it will be essential to leave large bright spaces. Light curtains in light and natural colors to let the daylight filter through and give the environment a warm tone and as natural as possible.

Our advice is to leave neutral shades like yellow, beige or white on the walls. Dare with ceramic floors and wall tiles. Yes to wooden shelves.

The furniture will be minimal and in light wood. Wicker sofas and armchairs, colorful bottles and glass vases to fill with flowers or scented herbs. Don’t forget the terracotta vases, mirrors, shells and artificial corals.

Mediterranean Style Bedroom

In the bedroom the rules for a “Mediterranean style” bedroom want a large bed with a canopy structure and linen strictly linen or cotton, steamy and romantic curtains that will recreate the feeling of freedom that you seek.

Decorate with straw baskets and pillows that recall the colors of the sea.

Garden, Patio and Balcony

Even the outdoor space can become your Mediterranean-style paradise. Use containers and large terra cotta pots as planters or decorative elements. Arrange ornamental rocks, olive, orange and lemon trees to intoxicate the senses.

Finally, create a space for friends and family by placing rattan chairs, tables and sofas on the patio or by the pool – it will be a corner of paradise for your sunset cocktails.

If you don’t have a garden or patio, decorate the terrace in a Mediterranean style with wicker chairs and sofas, terracotta pitchers and cushions in tones reminiscent of rippling sea waves.

With those tips, decorating your home in a Mediterranean style would definitely be easy. What’s your favorite style when it comes to home décor? Share it with us in the comments below.


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