Best Dining Room Decor Ideas That Will Seriously Impress Your Guests

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Whether it’s for a Sunday dinner or a Thanksgiving feast, the dining room is that space where you sit down to eat a tasty meal with your loved ones. I would say that after the kitchen, it is the second most important room in a house.

However, it is essential for this entertaining space to feel both warm and energizing. Therefore, here are some ideas on how to create an incredible dining room.

#1. Use Color to Delineate Your Dining Room

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Suppose you have invited some friends over at home. What would be the first place where you would invite them or where would they spend the most time? Well, most of the time, it’s the dining room, isn’t it?

Plus, did you know that the first thing that you see when you walk into some people’s homes is the dining room?

  • As per color psychology, the use of vibrant and bright colors such as yellow, white, or serene blue, green can help to make a room feel warm, welcoming and joyful (and isn’t that exactly how you want your dining room to be)
  • If your dining room is connected to the entryway (like mine), I suggest going for a monochromatic color palette. Let me give you an example of how I tried to define my dining room: I painted the room in bright, rosy pink, matched it with curtains of the same stunning shade of pink and this provides a sharp contrast with the dark blue and green walls of the entrance.
  • When it comes to designing a small dining room, white walls are recommended as they can make a room look bigger.

#2. Consider the Lighting

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Good lighting is key in a warm and welcoming space and is also essential in a well-designed dining room.”

-Ashley Whiteside, an interior designer

The general rule is that lighting in the dining room should be bright enough so as you can see everything that is on your plate, but not so brightly that it causes a strain (or so bright that you can see the dents in the teeth of your guests). Plus, as dining rooms are usually used just before you go to sleep, it is essential for the eyes to relax and for the brain to prepare to sleep soon. 

  • If I have a large dining room:

– You can consider adding a chandelier, which will make the room look more extravagant. And, if you want to play more with the focal point of the dining room, you can go for other forms of lighting. For example, pendant lights are great choices if you want to highlight a centerpiece. Sconces can be placed around prestigious pieces of artwork (or wall art) and a few floor lamps can also be installed.

  • If I have a small dining room:

    – You can install ceiling light fixtures or high-hanging sconces. Due to the limited space, it is best to go for non-intrusive light fixtures that will illuminate your dining room and, at the same time, will not obstruct any open spaces.

#3. Storage Units in Your Beautiful Dining Room

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Who would need storage spaces in a dining room when there is already a kitchen? I know that’s what you must be thinking of. Well, let me explain…

Imagine you are having a nice family meal (or a dinner party or you are eating all alone) and suddenly you drop your cutlery. And then, you or someone drop something again. What are you going to do? Run to the kitchen every time? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was to reach in some nearby built-in cabbies or bountiful wall cabinets to get what you want?

This is why it is recommended to include some storage units in your dining room where you can to keep spare napkins, dinner mats, surplus cutlery and so on.

In addition, if you have an elegant oriental tea set or a collectible set of mint-condition plates, you can display them in a nice cabinet. And, needless to say, that all your guests would be able to admire your exquisite taste.

Will you use these tips? Please share your comments!

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