Amazing Garden Design Ideas For Your Home Exterior

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Do you have a garden at home? My garden, despite being small, is, in fact, very beautiful! This is because I maintain it with care and dedication. I am sure that you also use your garden to relax, plant, and meditate, as I routinely do! If so, you will be amazed by these brilliant designs that you can use to enhance the beauty and function of your home’s exterior! Let’s have a look air jordan 11 cool grey
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Get your garden into shape


If you have a garden view from your window, then you will definitely want to give your garden a beautiful shape. Don’t feel like you should limit yourself to rectangles. Circular or oval-shaped gardens are just as pretty to look at. Furthermore, you should cut branches back to avoid overshading. You should also water once a week, preferably early in the morning. Lastly, for aeration, poke heaps of holes in the soil with a fork. If you do all of these, then your lawn will be verdant before you know it.

Plan your Planting


The best garden designs start with structural plants infilled with pretty, flowering plants. So, use evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and as punctuation along the way. Once you have this frame, fill the gaps with pretty flowering plants of your choice. However, you should try to stick to just five or six different types and arrange them in repeated patterns for a coordinated and harmonious effect. Containers offer the most flexibility, allowing you to move them around as they suit you.

Put trees in your garden


Trees block the glare of the sun and can also be used as an anchor for shade sails, hammocks, pendant lights, or hanging decorations. Trees can also cover an unattractive view or help to filter noise and air pollution if you live near a busy road. Moreover, they benefit nature significantly, providing shelter pollen for insects and birds and converting airborne carbon dioxide into oxygen. You will be glad to know that a growing trend is multi-stem trees, as planting them can create an architectural showpiece with elegant canopies.

Beautiful garden paving


The colour and style of your paving and the way it is laid can provide a strong design direction for the entire garden. For instance, grey or white stone laid in a random pattern will set the scene for a French country look, black or silver paving organized in a regular design will form the perfect sleek and modern scheme, while golden stone arranged in a mixed pattern creates an English country feel. You can also coordinate your plants with your pavings.

Pay attention to the boundaries of your garden


For a small garden similar to my one, boundary walls, fences, or hedges are the biggest element of the view, so it is really important for them to look good. You can grow climbers on them in coordinating colours. However, if you are not able to change the fences, conceal them with a wooden framework.

Your garden furniture


For smaller gardens, you can choose folding furniture or bench seating which can be tucked under a dining table when not in use. L-shaped sofas also can be surprisingly compact. Moreover, larger spaces can be decorated with larger seating sets, with matching chairs, sofas, and tables. I would prefer to invest in a good and long-lasting garden furniture set. What about you?

Living walls in your garden


Living walls are becoming more popular in garden designs, providing a great way to embrace vertical planting and create maximum beauty and freshness in your outdoor space. Furthermore, you can position a living wall anywhere, but you should remember to choose the right plants for that part of the garden. Likewise, plenty of ready-made green wall kits and living wall planters are also available.

Do not forget the lights in your garden


Speaking of lighting, you should not underestimate how important it is to create an atmosphere in your garden. To do so, you can choose from a variety of fun lights, including fairy lights, festoon lights, wall lights, freestanding lamps, and ground lights. When you use outdoor lights and a fire pit, you can continue to enjoy your garden even when the sun sets or if it’s a bit cloudy.

A family garden


You can smartly use your garden space for family gatherings or outdoor activities. Likewise, your kids will love going out to the garden for some playtime. This is why zoning is necessary, as small family gardens can often be dominated by play equipment, leaving little room for anything else. For instance, you would need to have a large garden to install a slide or playhouse, while, for more restricted spaces, sand tables or mud kitchen play sets in a corner will do a great job keeping little ones occupied.

Do not forget the wildlife


Always consider the impact your garden design has on wildlife. For example, do your best to help bees by planting bee-friendly plants. Consider creating a hedgehog highway, and buy some bird feeders to hang on fences or on tree branches. Moreover, it will create a fantastic ambience for relaxation!

My little garden full of colourful and scented roses is my meditation getaway. I also like to simply sit in silence with a cup of tea and my pet next to me and listen to the sounds of nature. Do you enjoy listening to nature as much as I do? Please share your experiences and comments below!

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