10 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams


They let you plan projects and sprints, assign tasks, and provide all the context someone needs to complete their work. Project management tools usually have a broad range of features, which means they also vary widely. Here is a feature set comparison table for the best digital collaboration tools for 2023.

remote collaboration tools

And during the pandemic, it became one of the most trending apps globally, with over 300 million participants daily. Basecamp is one of the most popular projects management tools in the market. The platform is simple to use and has all the functions that remote teams need for efficient collaboration. By using digital collaboration tools, remote teams can stay connected and productive even when they are miles apart.

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There are two products available via UX Pin – UX Pin prototyping and UX Pin systems. The first is for rapid collaboration in small teams and the latter is an end to end UX solution for mid to large teams. Pricing – Pricing is based on the number of people that need to conduct sessions or presentations. Among some tough competition, its speed and ease of use are impressive. Plus the free plan allows for up to 10 users with unlimited search message history. Simplicity and ease of use has lowered the bar when it comes to making videos and presentations.

remote collaboration tools

Keep communication channels clear of unnecessary chat and think through messages before sending them. Sending an unnecessary question to a coworker might seem innocuous, but it disrupts their flow and potentially several other coworkers. Your problem has now become their problem which can be incredibly remote collaboration annoying and demotivating. Over time, this builds a culture of “default to transparency” and improves communication across the board. You never know who else needs to be aware of what you’re working on and quite often, the best insights come from those outside of your team or project.

Team collaboration 101: learning the art of working together

These virtual collaboration tools have proven to help remote teams thrive and increase their productivity and engagement. In short, it consists of a digital space that helps remote teams communicate and share ideas and comments in real-time. Instead of sending an email, team members get to connect instantly with their coworkers making the communication process faster.

Outlook’s Calendar is a great time management tool for Microsoft-based remote teams. Microsoft Outlook Calendar enables users to appoint meetings and events, check group schedules, and set different viewing modes. With Outlook Calendar, collaborators can send their calendar via email or link it to Sharepoint and have an overview of the events from there in their schedule. The tool allows users to have assignees schedule, move or cancel meetings on their behalf.

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