Vintage Interior Designing For Each Room

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Vintage is something that is between 30 to 100 years old. Anything older than this is considered as antique. Vintage interior designs can be tricky and can look overloaded if it is too much. Enhancing the beauty of your space with retro goods and still make it look brand new, that’s what I’m planning to do!

Choose Durable Antiques
• When planning vintage, having antiques is important! Regardless of which decade is your favorite, these key pieces help cement the vintage feel in your design. Each piece carries a part of history that new versions cannot match. The three signs you have to keep an eye on are the weight, the sturdy joints, as a loose joint might be an issue in the future. Rusting and discoloration can result in the weakening of the furniture.

Placing The Furniture
• The placement of your vintage furniture or accessory is vital as you would want it to be at the center of the room. Allowing the furniture to be the focal point is recommended as it helps to determine the function of other furniture in the room. Example, a vintage dining table or chair needs to be placed in the center so as to create the sense of vintage design everywhere. Have an art sofa prominently placed in the room or a clock that reflects vintage.

Buy More Vintage-Inspired Products
• Consistency is key when you are planning to mix and match modern and traditional design elements. Create a décor where modernity and vintage make the perfect harmony. You can use a touch of vintage in a modern and functional kitchen. If you don’t want to buy furniture, you can always opt for accessories, such as large mirror, artwork or antique rugs.

Take Inspiration From The Past
• If you are planning to have a room that reflects the vintage feel, then you can start with your bedroom. Copy the vintage colors and patterns from any era as long as it is too much! Do research well before styling in different eras. You don’t want the 20s to get mixed with the 50s! You can let your creativity shine when it comes to be inspired from the vintage era. Don’t be afraid to rely on colors!

Vintage home designing is all about paying homage to an era that we didn’t know. Vintage designing can give you the chance to bring a bit of nostalgia and history into your home, without making it look too much! You can also try themed vintage designs that are perfect for any particular room that you would want to decorate.

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