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Have you already started thinking about Christmas decorations and how to beautify the front door, table and garden? Well, if the answer is no, it’s the right time to start because it’s never too early when we have to organize something DIY. Because if we want a good result, we need time, patience and all the peace of mind in the world!

Our post today is dedicated to Christmas decorations in natural style that you can make to beautify your home, garden and even your front door. All the suggestions are very cheap, since everything you need can be found in the garden or inside the house, among the items you think you no longer need and waiting to be thrown away.

Waiting for Christmas…

The tradition of decorating the house for Christmas is very old and today we only do what previous generations did for a very long time. Except that today we have other means, other possibilities of decoration and different taste and fashion, but the substance does not change: garlands, wreaths of branches and Christmas puppets will never fade away!

And not only for the house! Even the garden deserves to be decorated for a party, big or small, above all because, from the outside, the garden decorations are the first to catch the eye. And then, outdoor decorations are a joyful and fun way to make the street and the neighborhood where we live more beautiful and magical.

At Christmas, everything is more magical; the house, the neighborhood and the streets and everyone, at least all the Christmas lovers, get involved in doing their part, in a kind of collective celebration until Christmas comes!

There are many ways to beautify the front of the house and decorate the garden, to make it welcoming and even more cheerful, even in the middle of winter. You don’t necessarily need to have a big garden, but a nice decoration for the driveway or a creative way to decorate the entrance of the house is enough! When it comes to decorations, there are really plenty to choose from and as we planned, today we decided to focus on green style decorations, perfect for the garden but also for the house!

If you’re ready, we can officially kick off the Christmas decorations!

Rustic Door Wreath

The first suggestion is a door decoration, for indoors or outdoors, which you can make with the leaves of plants from the garden, some pine needles (or you can use rosemary for a really fragrant garland), pine cones and red berries. And finally, a pretty red plaid bow in the Tyrolean style!

Scented Bouquet with Fir Branches and Citrus

Is there a more beautiful – or more Christmas-appropriate – combination than dried oranges paired with pine cones and some fir branches? No, there may not be! Making this ornament is very simple; first you’ll need to assemble the tree branches as if you were making a bouquet. When you’re done, tie it all together with a plastic rubber band, then place a pretty burlap bow on the rubber band. And then move on to the decorations with pine cones and dried orange slices; just slice them up, put them in the oven for a few minutes and they’ll be ready and most importantly, very fragrant!

And for Those Who Love Skating…

If there is a skating enthusiast in the house, this is the decoration you need! Got an old pair of skates? Then start hanging them on the front door! For the rest, just fill them with a nice arrangement of pine branches decorated with small Christmas ornaments. And if you have any, add a pretty pom pom too! Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Advent Calendar

If you’ve decided to go for a pretty advent calendar this year but are still fumbling in the dark, don’t worry: we’ve got just the thing for you! All you need is plenty of pine branches and lots of little metal jars – 24 of them, to be exact – to arrange so that they literally hang from the green garland. Inside, of course, you can put whatever you like: chocolates, small gifts or written thoughts to hand out. The kids will certainly appreciate it!

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